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28 Dec 2006, 8:31 AM
Hello, I'm trying to build a TabPanel where the last 2 tabs (out of 7 total) appear all the way to the left hand side of the screen. So basically there are tabs 1-5, some space, then the last 2 tabs. Here's a drawing in case you're not following


I'm a newbie to yui-ext and any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Here is my js code...

var BuildSomeTabs = {
init : function(){
var jtabs = new YAHOO.ext.TabPanel('jtabs');
jtabs.addTab('jtabs-1', "info", "First screen.");

var tab2 = jtabs.addTab('jtabs-2', "markets");
tab2.setUrl('someurl', null, true);

var tab3 = jtabs.addTab('jtabs-3', "quotes");
tab3.setUrl('someurl', null, true);

var tab4 = jtabs.addTab('jtabs-4', "billing");
tab4.setUrl('someurl', null, true);

var tab5 = jtabs.addTab('tabs-5', "work docs", "Can't see me cause I'm disabled");
tab5.setUrl('someurl', null, true);

var tab6 = jtabs.addTab('jtabs-6', "mailbox");
tab6.setUrl('someurl', null, true);

var tab7 = jtabs.addTab('jtabs-7', "archive");
tab7.setUrl('someurl', null, true);