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1 Oct 2007, 4:30 AM
Hi - me again

As you are probably aware from my previous threads I am still learing this . I am trying to understand how it all fits in to domino. I have seen the examples for how the outline is used and from what I can see, the outline is built is the js code. It have does an example but I need to get my head around how it is implemented - if I can uderstand this then I am sure I will get my head around the rest of it. Are there any (or does anyone have any) step buy step instructions on how to implement something like this


1 Oct 2007, 6:46 AM
Are you looking for directions on just implementing an outline? The easiest implementation is just to drop in the files and create a page with a DominoUI pointing to an outline and a view. I tried to write up a really simple start in this post (http://www.rich-waters.com/blog/2007/09/extnd-sample-databases.html)

1 Oct 2007, 7:20 AM

Sort of - I have read through the documentaion from the demo and a couple of things have arisen.
1 On the demo, when I open a doc, the server console is bringing up "unable to find design note "viewSuggest.js"
2. When I open a doc and click the cancel button it closes the doc but opens the full frame set in the right hand pane
3. The end result I am trying to achieve is I have played around with the accordion widget and want to put the outline in an accordian. I have looked at the trees.js example in the live demos and the trees are placed on the page using a div statement. I thought I could do that with the outline and then wrap the accordion around it

Is this to complex ?. Is there a set of libraries where I can connect to different elements via notes and then use a div statement on a page to show them
Phewww. I am not very strong on js and find it easier to learn tis way


1 Oct 2007, 8:27 AM
1 & 2, these are valid issues with my demo database, I have been playing around with viewsuggest and must have accidently left the include for it in there. The cancel button was never changed to fit within the Ext.nd framework. I will address both of those issues in the next tutorial post.

3. We have nothing that will easily put the outline into an accordion widget for you. I haven't tried playing around with the accordion user extention, but have been told it's pretty simple. I would probably ditch the whole tree and just take a look at the section that parses the outline xml and try to make it create the accoridion.

I personally believe we're providing the best set of libraries for connecting notes elements to javascript widgets, but unfortunately it's just a spare-time project for a couple of us and we tend to just contribute pieces that we need/use for our applications.

We're trying to make the integration as simple and straight-forward as possible, with as little Javascript knowledge as possible, though the more anyone knows the better they'll be able to use and customize Ext.nd

1 Oct 2007, 11:32 AM
Hi Rich

Thanks for your feedback and I hope you took my question as a question and nothing else. I look at the examples and they look straight forward and they are if i am using php but i am using domino so i guess it is harder. The work you and the others have done is fantastic and i will probably look back at this and think "oh yeah it is easy". If i have to link to a domino element - is there a standard set of rules. For instance in the forms.js library - that was easy as it only used id tags - i placed the divs around notes fields and hey presto it worked. I was hoping that all the other stuff was the same