View Full Version : Possible to Embed OL and LI within a DIV on a Carousel Page/

12 Jul 2011, 11:24 AM
ST Mavens,

Is it possible to embed an HTML Unordered List (OL), and associated list items (LI), within a CSS-styled DIV (e.g., using CSS to create a shaded text box) on a Sencha Touch Carousel Page?

I've tried to insert a 3 item list in the middle of some DIV-styled text...and the OL breaks the DIV boundaries and eliminates the (DIV) box's shading.

BTW: I tried inserting the OL three ways: Once, within its own DIV; second, within a SPAN; and, third, without either SPAN or DIV.

Welcome your suggestions with thanks!
Plane Wryter

12 Jul 2011, 9:01 PM
Found and fixed the problem.

For those who may encounter the same issue: here's what I did.

Turns out the DIV styling had a CSS error. p.divclassname was incorrectly selected as the target for the styling...whereas the styling should have been targeted to .divclassname.

The styling worked with .divclassname.