View Full Version : Trying to make a list similar to the oreilly example

12 Jul 2011, 5:01 PM
So I have been playing around with Sencha Touch for about a week now and I have been to almost every tutorial and example I could find on the internet. But I am stuck, I am trying to make an app pretty much exactly like the Oreilly one except its going to be a radio like app.

I am just trying to have a list(unsorted) inside a tab panel and when you click on an item in the list a detail panel appears and you can hit the back button to go back to the list.(pretty much exactly like the speaker tab in the Oreilly example except mine would be unsorted).

Does anyone have any examples of a similar project that I could refer to for help or has anyone already modified the Oreilly Code.

Or if someone could help me modify the source of the Oreilly app so the main page is a similar list like I described above. I currently cant figure out a way to get rid of the Sessions tab all together, if I could some how accomplish this and have the app load on the Speakers tab I think I can figure the rest of the code my own

Thanks in advance!!