View Full Version : Events on Grid Drag & Drop

14 Jul 2011, 1:46 AM

I'm quite new in the use of Ext-JS. A lot of things are already working perfect for me and I think it is a perfect base to work on. But now I have a problem with events. Even after reading a lot and seraching the forum, I could not find an answer.

Here is my sample: http://extjs.i-cons.ch/

I made a small sample based on the Writer Example. I just added another grid now I like to add Records to Grid 1 from the Grid 2 by Drag & Drop. This is working fine in the frontend, but no Events for Create, Add, Move are fired. So the Data will not be stored in the Backend. If you refresh the page, all the data I added with DnD are gone. The Data I created by the Form are working perfectly.

How can I listen to the Events to store my DnD records correctly?

Thanks a lot for any help