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16 Jul 2011, 6:09 AM
I did simple NodeJS chat on ExtJS http://moc-081.ru/chat/done.html
and decided to do it on Sencha Touch also.

The matter is in so in ExtJS I use JSONP of Animal.
In Sencha Touch callback is every time the same if I right this like

The work of chat is so that there is every time one connection opened for getting message
and if we send message than one more connection opens.

So static callback doens't suit.

At the moment I take JSONP of David Flanagan
and it works
But I want to use Sencha Touch method.
Please, fix it.

Here is how my chat works
ExtJS http://moc-081.ru/chat/done.html
Sencha Touch http://moc-081.ru/chat/ (I have several bugs about which I will ask in other topic)