View Full Version : Add Textfields into an Ext.XTemplate

18 Jul 2011, 4:48 AM

I am using an XTemplate to create a Grid in a view. In this Grid view i am showing some articles with price and so on. Above the Grid, there is a Add-Button, that opens up a panel, so the User can add a new Item(Yes all Items will be delivered by the Server). The only thing is, that the User still has to enter how many Articles he wants. Also I have to be able to programmatically change the value in this text/numberfield(In case the User selects an article that is already in the List).

i Googled for a bit and came up empty-handed. Maybe one of you has done something similar to this already, or you just have an Idea. It might help.

Maybe I have to use something else to create a Grid, but i would be glad if I wouldn't have to.

Thanks in advance.

Fox 1 Charlie