View Full Version : Some things to get $ext.nd.searchview to work. UIView searching

Fredric Berling
2 Oct 2007, 12:16 AM
Hi all . Been trying to get the search in UIView to work and have finally succeded. Som inputs from me in the matter of $ext.nd.searchview and what i found out.

1. If You dont specify the View by name in your outline you will end up with the View ID instead of View Name in the agent. The Getview command does not work there. So always specify your views in the outline. Do not use "Other Views" entry.

2. If you do not enable Session authentication in your web site configuration you will end up running the $ext.nd.searchview agent as anonymous . No error will show on the console.

3. If you have spaces in the View name you will end up with %20 chars in view Name since Query_String Is used instead of Query_string_Encoded. Getview will fail. You cant just use Query_string_encoded instead, cause then the db name path will be faulty. I replaced like this.

strView = GetParameter("vw",docCurrent.GetItemValue("Query_String_decoded")(0))
instead of
strView = GetParameter("vw",strParameters)

2 Oct 2007, 6:39 AM
Ah good catch, I don't believe we ever ran into the "Other Views" issue, I don't recall testing it on the viewtemplatedefault.

I'll tack those onto the list and take a look at that agent again.