View Full Version : json or jsonp via "loaded pages"

20 Jul 2011, 6:56 AM
i have a project that i am considering to build like so:

1 unique html page per view - each page in effect being a unique sencha-based app. Use each page will have a script line at the top to get the data it needs via jsonp which would drive the creation of the content. all url's will be properly constructed as needed so that navigating from page to page should work - this is exactly like typical database-enabled website construction.

- or -

I could use sencha's json capabilities. And if i go this route then i need to re-write the entire view for each/most queries to the database. issues i see is #1 I'm not sure how to accomplish this in sencha though i think i'd need to use the list views and xtemplates... but then how to update the display?

As far as i can see either method will work. what would be the benefit of one over the other? I imagine the second method would load a little faster/there wouldn't be an entire screen refresh.