View Full Version : debug version has space in method call

20 Jul 2011, 1:15 PM
in the sencha-touch-debug.js file there is an extra space between
"dom" and ".scrollIntoViewIfNeeded(true);"
This space is removed when the file is minified;
messes with field focus stuff on android when running in debug.

onFieldFocus: function(field, e) {
if (!Ext.is.iOS && !Ext.is.Desktop) {
var dom = field.fieldEl.dom;

if (dom.scrollIntoViewIfNeeded) {
dom .scrollIntoViewIfNeeded(true);

ironicly, when the line has the space (non functional) the forms scroll into view properly on android but when the space is removed the form scrolls just above where it needs to be.

I suspect the text suggestion bar on top of the soft keyboard is causing the miscalculation