View Full Version : Any timeframe on the next Sencha Touch version release? Android related...

20 Jul 2011, 3:40 PM
As we know the performance is pretty bad on Android, I'm wondering when fixes are going to be coming from Sencha and/or fixes from Google? Any ideas? We really want to use Sencha Touch but the performance isn't ready for Android.

20 Jul 2011, 11:14 PM
have you tried phone gapping the app?
this seems to give you a performance boost - something to do with the priority the OS is giving to an 'app' over running 'a browser'...

we're building an android app and for the first week of dev we completely lost faith.
one of the bigger things is the hardware acc which is lacking in android.
however, i little bit of back to the drawing board and we've managed to get the app improve 10 fold by reducing the size of the dom by lazy loading panels, destroying them when done (and a few other tweaks - look at minimal ccs3 and reduce your mental transitions).
there are some sencha vids on performance which might be of use to you.

our testing devices are HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy I - so we're talking pretty old phones tech wise but then a lot of people still have these phones due to the network ops 2 year contract signins!!.

this all said, i'm in complete agreement - performance is not great. It's a shame that we're having to code around performance issues these days but i guess we probably got another few years of worrying about it before everyone is on a mental enough phone that we can focus more on experience cos the performance will always be there (much like a lot of people have done with desktop JS)...

the guys at sencha are doing an excellent job, it's still streets ahead of some of the other frameworks... but i'd like ++ this thread as a new release would be brilliant news for devs.
is there any kind of sencha beta program or something?

26 Jul 2011, 1:47 PM
Just giving this a bump as we are about to abandon Sencha for another technology stack although we really don't want to...

26 Jul 2011, 3:54 PM
We have massive improvements for Android performance coming up in Touch 2.0. While earlier versions of Android will always be slow (there is no possibility of a workaround for some of the issues in Android 2.1 for examples), on most devices currently out in the wild it's like night and day.

I don't want to be too specific on timings for 2.0 but at the moment we're expecting a beta in a couple of months' time. We learned a lot from the Ext JS 4.0 release so we'll be very careful to take our time and get everything right, even if it means a slightly later release than we'd like