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21 Jul 2011, 11:40 PM

Anyone know of payment Gateway solution in Sencha Touch Mobile Application. I have been looking at things like Google Checkout, Paypal etc.

I am developing a new app that requires the user to be able to pay for products or Donation Process in the app without redirecting to another website. I.E it need to be able to work from an app launched from the home screen.

Any thougts or advice greatly welcome.


22 Jul 2011, 12:43 AM
theoretically its possible as you can wrap gateways in your own code these days...
in my experience implementing gateways is always a nightmare task - i've done a few java solutions (paypal, worldpay,protx) on this so you could have your server side code doing the gateway imp and just make requests in ajax on the mobile app (which is kinda the way a lot of them work on standard desktop these days). I've never used any JS implementation of these or know if any exist so i'm assuming you'd need some server side processing as the stuff you post and responses you get are usually quite complex.

i guess there are a few sticking points tho..

there is no PADLOCK SECURE icon in the browser on an app so how can people trust what they are doing is secure - you really can't start sending bank details over shonky roaming wifi networks unencrypted so people will want to know they are secure. at the moment i don't think there is any way an app can feedback that the connection is DEFINITELY secure.

if your gateway required 3d secure then you'd be out probably.
if there is one thing banks are slow to catch up on its technology :-) no way there will be a mobile version of the iframe i'm guessing ;-)

a lot of gateways want PCI compliance which is juts a major headache and i've no idea how this would work in an app.

i think sticking to paypal or google checkout might be be the best bet as first step - just look at the papal dev site, i think they have a mobile login which would probably take you out to paypal but redirect you back into your app as its all client side redirects (i think). Then as a second step implement the paypal steps yourself on your server side.