View Full Version : LoadMask and Carousel

22 Jul 2011, 1:35 AM
Hi guys,

while still trying to figure out my video problem, I ran into another one.
This should be basic stuff, but I can't get it to work.

I'm simply trying to display a LoadMask while a carousel is loading some
images. The carousel itself is pretty basic:

App.views.Print = Ext.extend(Ext.Carousel, {

dockedItems: [
{html:'<div class="titlebar">PRINT DESIGN</div>'},

items: [
{cls: 'entries print_one'},
{cls: 'entries print_two'},
{cls: 'entries print_three'},
{cls: 'entries print_four'},
{cls: 'entries print_five'},
{cls: 'entries print_six'},

The images are background-images in a CSS file. As soon as the Carousel
is completely loaded I want to remove the loadMask.

I know for you guys this shouldn't be a problem. :)