View Full Version : Using slicer theme w/o extjs framework

Jan (HL)
24 Jul 2011, 3:23 AM
Hi, it is possible to use the slicer command w/o the usage of an extjs or sencha framework behind?

I would like to use this slicer command, but I cannot produce any image. My steps:

1. compass create test-project
2. apply some gradients (e.g. w/ compass' generic functions) into screen.scss (no sencha/extjs stuff)
3. (re)build the css files

The command 'sencha slicer theme -d . -c stylesheets/screen.css -o test -v' does nothing (no failure but running endless). There should be an error message, because an extjs base dir is required?

Anyway, 'sencha slicer theme -d ../extjs-dir -c stylesheets/screen.css -o test -v' runs and terminates correctly -- but generates no images.

I would read that behaviour as it works only for an extjs theme.

27 Jul 2011, 5:18 AM
That's because what the slicing tool does is load up an internalized test page, using the Ext JS framework, and looks at the controls in the framework that it knows need slicing, then generates images accordingly.

I don't believe it's designed to do slicing outside the framework, because it wouldn't have any idea which things you need sliced.


Jan (HL)
27 Jul 2011, 5:32 AM
Yes, of course. This have to result into something like 'sencha slicer my-class-1 my-class2'

During my current explorations about sass/compass (and sencha sdk) I'd thought that could be a good starting point. However, I could not found any good starting point except the definition of the slicer command itself (the Module.js).

Another possible way could be a special sass plugin (in combination with phantomjs), but that is currently only a quick flash. I don't know whether this actually works.