View Full Version : help with carousel dynamic changes and events

24 Jul 2011, 9:15 AM
dear friends, two quick questions

* If i have a carousel created with lets say 5 items inside each with a html:text
and if i want dynamically to replace the html text of those 5 items with new text, whats the best way to do that?

* If i want to attach an event listener for the Tap event to each of the items of that carousel, and as result of the tap on the item i want the html text of that item to change, how can i do that so that the event can find out the id of the html text of that item to change only that part of the item (at the moment the code changes also the indicator sometimes and other parts of the item)

* as im new in sencha im a bit confused as to the difference between Sencha Touch and Ext JS 4,
i see there are two separated areas in the sencha website and two different licences for these two things, Sencha Touch and Ext JS 4, are they two separate products?
sencha touch doesnt use Ext JS 4? how do sencha touch and Ext JS 4 relate to each other?

thank you so much for helping a newbie like me