View Full Version : NestedList within an other NestedList

25 Jul 2011, 4:48 AM
Hi there,
I'm developing in a group and we came to a problem we're not able to fix yet and we hope some of you guys have some hints for us.

The problem is: we have a nested list as a landing page. Every entry in this nested list is an independent module and again a, yeah kind of sencha project itself. Some of these modules need to have a nested list again for the 'in-module' navigation but exactly here is the problem:
By creating this nested list within the other nested list the navigation of the lists will brake. Do we have to bear in mind something special by creating nested lists? Is it necessary to create/use a layout in this case?

We are thankful for every hint!
Thanks in advance,

27 Jul 2011, 5:03 AM
Does nobody have any suggestions?
Or is the question mistakable or cloudy?

12 Sep 2011, 4:49 AM
Hi there - id you find a way of solving this? Is there a right way of putting nested lists inside of lists?