View Full Version : Tab bar items disappearing after the tabbar is removed & added.

27 Jul 2011, 4:57 AM
I have a login page, when the authentication is succesfull,
I create a tab bar with 3 items & i add it to the viewport as dockedItem using "addDocked()".
The tabbar and the items in the tabbar are visible.

Now, i do a logout in which i call "removeDocked()" and my initial login page is displayed correctly.
When i login again, i see that my tabbar is visible at the bottom but the 3 items in the tabbar is missing.

Any suggestions ..... Btw i do a .doLayout() when i add & remove.

15 Aug 2011, 11:23 PM
Just saw this thread and wasn't sure if you got it working - I was just having the same exact problem.

Add & remove - which destroys the component. I've tried setting the optional parameter to false, but then it doesn't seem to remove the component. So, I recreate the component every time I need to add it again. Give that a shot and see if it helps.

17 Aug 2011, 4:25 AM
Thanks for ur reply ...

Btw i also found that this happens when we use "Card Switch Animation".
There seems to be a bug in iOS and it seems that the bug is also fixed in iOS 5 beta. But i havent upgraded and tested it.
If you want you can try :)