View Full Version : How to get clicked/taped checkboxfield?

29 Jul 2011, 2:36 AM

I have a FieldSet which looks like this:

var myFieldSet = new Ext.form.FieldSet;
myFieldSet.title = 'The title';
myFieldSet.defaults = {
labelWidth : '35%',
listeners : {
el : {
click : function(ev, target) {
delegate : "input",
};The FieldSet has 3 checkboxfields. They are create at an other place. Everty time the user clicks/taps on a checkbox I want to check which checkboxes are checked. This can be done with ACheckboxfield.getSameGroupFields() But how do I get the checkboxfield?

I have tried this.getSameGroupFields() but it dosn't work. I gives the error: TypeError: Result of expression 'this.getSameGroupFields' [undefined] is not a function. Also target.getSameGroupFields() didn't work. At many places (blog, website) I read that I don't should use Ext.getCmp() because it's dangerous.