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29 Jul 2011, 5:32 AM
Hello all,

I am very new in secha forum. As i am BB mobile app developer. Today i switch on sencha touch mobile application development using javascript, html5 and CSS3. First of all i downloaded a standalone Eclispse ide which supports javascript but i am unable to install the plugins for sencha touch...as i didnt get the link from where to install it.. so please post the link. after that i want to know how to create the first project as a sample program "Hello World". ..

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29 Jul 2011, 7:05 AM
Download Sencha Touch:




29 Jul 2011, 9:34 PM

it is very helpful..as mentioned,,in hello world sample program,,i am able to see hello world on my web browser mozilla..but how to deploy it on the android simulator...
i am unable to understand ,,in the tutorial it is mentioned that .....
////////////////////////////For emulator...
place the files on a web server (preferably on your development machine or nearby). Once you've done that, you should then be able to run the application up on a mobile device emulator:..
so i want to ask that i need a web server..if yes than,,which one..apache tomcat...or somthing else....
after that,,it is not mentioned that how to deploy it with emulator..if i talk about,,android...
i have android sdk on my machine...


11 Oct 2011, 12:50 PM
mobile application development for sencha... this is how i do things:

i have Eclipse Indigo and the Eclipse Applaud plugin. Applaud just makes it easier to get a mobile app setup inside of eclipse. It has a wizard that walks you through what you want to do and configures eclipse for you and will drop jqm or sencha into the project.

At that point you want an HTML 5 browser as your "emulator". I use Chrome, you can also use Safari as it is the closest you will get to what the webview on iOS is. You will want to turn on the developer tools inside the browser so you can see your network calls, the response from the server, your local databases, etc... if you're not making server calls then at the very least you will want to see the console as errors will appear there plus any messages that you decide to log to it.

The "root" of your project is in assets/www - everything goes in that location.

Next, that shpiel about putting your files on a webserver... not needed in this case as PhoneGap will wrap your Sencha project inside a web view. You're not making a web app, so ignore that part. Else, i imagine that the sencha demos are using json and you have to put that on a server in order to see it all work. Server type doesn't matter.

To put the app on your device you first need to download the usb drivers for the device. After that is done you can compile and install your app from eclipse directly to your connected device.

i assume you have the JDK installed......

You could try the android emulator but that's a little frustrating due to its poor performance. You will want to use an html 5 (chrome/safari) browser as your "emulator" for development, then some android device for "real world" testing.