View Full Version : Sencha vBulletin - Change Title test

29 Jul 2011, 6:54 AM
hi team,

changing a title seems no longer be possible for normal users.
i can change a title, save it, but it gets displayed in the old version.
if i edit the topic again, it shows the latest (correct) version inside the form field.

this seems to have changed not long ago (at least it was working 1 month ago) and has the big disadvantage for us, that we can not update our meetup topic any more (we have the date of the next meetup always in the title).

help appreciated!

best regards

29 Jul 2011, 8:08 AM
Interesting... Will send this up internally to see what is going on. Sorry bout that!

Jamie Avins
29 Jul 2011, 11:16 AM
There are a few ways to change forum titles and I cannot reproduce the issue. How are you trying to change the title?

29 Jul 2011, 12:18 PM
hi jamie,

it seems a bit more complicated: i am using google chrome.
when clicking edit post, i get to the fast edit view. if i click on go advanced there, nothing happens at all.

the only thing that does work is double-clicking the edit post button to get to advanced.
i just changed the title of this topic, worked fine.

in our munich meetup topic it does not (the title says july, if you edit the top posting you will see september).

so my new theory would be: is there a maximum amount how often you can change a title?
feel free to try editing the top posting of the munich meetup!

best regards

30 Jul 2011, 1:11 PM
This is weird... the title of it in the listing still had "Jul 27" but I clicked on edit twice to go to the advanced editor and in the title field it says "Sept 16"

I have attached a screenshot and I didn't change anything except to scroll over to have date viewable.