View Full Version : modal:true setting for basic dialog causing page to go 0-top

30 Dec 2006, 7:06 PM
By using the hello world example, setting modal:true, the page always jumps to the top.

Is this a bug? When i use the photobox example from the YUI team, i don't have this problem w/ their "Mask".

Same behavior in IE and FF.
is this a bug?

31 Dec 2006, 2:54 AM
There one change in css that fixes it. That change is in SVN. If you can't grab, just add this in your css somewhere after the yui-ext css:

body.masked { overflow:auto; }

In the css in SVN it doesn't touch the overflow.

31 Dec 2006, 10:35 AM
Thanks Jack. This is one of those things that work in ff but not ie6. thanks though. I'll just use the shimm shimma :)

2 Mar 2012, 5:01 AM
I have a large page with grid in it, grid has links to open the modal window. When i scroll down to reach last records on the page and open the modal the page goes to top, also grid has some editor columns with drop down after the modal is open and closed I can't select the value from the drop down each time i try to select the value from drop down the page jumps to top.