View Full Version : SelectList major issue when a floating panel on Ipad

4 Aug 2011, 1:04 PM
Sencha Touch version tested:


Platform tested against:

iOS 4.3.3


On an IPad or Tablet device which does not have the selectlist choice box on the bottom but a floating list. You pick the selectList and the list of items pops up in a floating window. After the item is selected and the value changes in the field fine but if you continue to pick where the select list choices used to be (but is now popped down) the values of the field continue to change like the select list was still visible and active. I was able to easily reproduce this issue each time within one minutes on the GeoCongress sencha touch example described in the Test Case below.
I tried to be a little extreme in the example to get the problem to happen within 1 minute but I have had this issue pop up with very calm and normal usage.

Test Case:

Bring up GeoCongress example on an IPad from the sencha touch web site. Click the gears symbol on the left to move to the "change district" display. Touch the State field to bring up the select list. When the list comes up scroll to the bottom and keep trying to scroll a little even after reaching Wyoming. Now pick a state and you will see the state update fine in the field. Now pick the state field again to bring up the select list again and scroll down some more down. Pick another state. After the state is selected in the field and the select list goes down continue to touch/pick on the white space below the lookup button where the select list used to be - where it would be if it was visible - when the issue occurs the State field continues to change its value just by picking the white space where the list used to be. Also the part of the lookup button that was covered by the select list is now blocked by the invisible select list. This may take three or four iterations of bringing up the select list and scrolling too far and picking new items but it happens very regularly after about 3 or 4 times - sometimes after just 1.

The result that was expected:

When Selectlist is down after a select I expect it not to act like it is still up and active by picking new values when touching where the selectlist used to be

The result that occurs instead:

Can still pick items from selectList as though it were still up and active. Also blocks and button or fields that are underneath where the 'invisible' select list used to be.

Possible fix:

Is there a way to force the select list to be the picker dial like on phone devices and not the floating list? Even on Tablets.