View Full Version : Drag and Drop tutorial?

4 Aug 2011, 7:42 PM
This is the old one that Saki wrote:


But it doesn't work for me if I use an HTML5 doctype.

Is there a tutorial for 3.x?
...and, why the heck doesn't it work with an HTML5 doctype?

4 Aug 2011, 10:18 PM
This samples of Saki is for Ext 1.x and 2.x

About doctype, you should not use on page doctype cause ExtJS generate doctype atomatic in code.
I am not sure, but I look trough ExtJS source very attentively.

I just have rule do not use doctype of my own.

11 Aug 2011, 7:38 AM

I'm also interested in a newer version of the Drag and Drop tutorial.
For ExtJS 3, and why not for ExtJS 4 :)