View Full Version : Compiled CSS File includes binary Content

11 Aug 2011, 6:17 AM
i'm using Sencha Touch 1.1.0 and tried to compile my custom.scss file in order to change some css attributes.
It ended up weird on OSX and Windows, with binary data instead of base64 encoded png Files like this.

/* line 40, ../scss/sencha-touch/default/_mixins.scss */
.x-tab img.action, .x-button img.x-icon-mask.action {<br>&nbsp; -webkit-mask-image: url('&nbsp;<br>:rtIDATh՚kSwnmbQUhа.]ℒFl( _HH|!4HӸ&amp;QhTdEl[n )
~{&amp;3۝ys&lt;ϙ-MNNR4 t?̇1voiR(a.$np&gt;ǁ IvS!x|o#ݫM=Dx lAu`|xlEa[ɖ8d%"(do?f%V?0 .Ȣ󴘭҂SHZ^Eؓ&lt;Ē|4u
2CDsv4u'ž'4 a`-du0{"PItИ pi\Ao)R%Y_X&amp;%8}vu&lt;1|B3'ncecIw]NZ;b4ֲ؁`g?Vz:?DđJu^Vk'#|MաnW:dduZiokOg8+}|G_5"6ECO u/C'zqg!h1z}U@EQ&gt;i&gt;X[/PshyF}jTW볿C|_S]EFiE1NGu0[YJ4^=t:˒#PT.:e$3A:A"e;b.$+a
9p3%1ˍCG.+a-jEkQ=jM 5,sA/*5_.DXϯY!
abH9vճ/[5HDcMԨ뫦yJگsֱN[BtްYM`A53)x蘶Xn+ypTumKʳNGw予+hD:]Ytg"9 9XR
q5XOF{s]ΤS`O,aFՑ5P[m-'57L!pTG쯁kMlIu FX1˽ cO$W˨7ǂ
{}]s3-"a|&gt;a'J:!5/q1&amp;@[8Yj?P/RTP1 )9[email protected];Hs=xȎh!ۺUKRKAGrfƵO7e/hH'+:$l .&amp;A 7^+ZѰO7=

After some research in the forum, i found hints, that this might be a problem with compass, sass and chunky_png gems. So i tried different combinations of the versions, but still got the same corrupt File with every Version of compass, sass and chunky_png i tried.

My gems installed:
chunky_png (1.1.2)
compass (0.11.beta.5)
haml (3.1.2)
sass (3.1.7)

I still can't compile my scss Files.
Does anyone have information about a working configuration?
Is there a requirements list from sencha for Version 1.1.0
Any help appreciated