View Full Version : YAHOO.ext license?

10 Oct 2006, 9:51 AM
Is it BSD like YUI itself? I'm looking to prototype some stuff for SugarCRM (the company I work for) where we heavily use YUI.

Great work btw!

10 Oct 2006, 11:02 AM
In the intro paragraph of Jack's home page it says that yui-ext is BSD. Check it out.

10 Oct 2006, 11:21 AM
Yep, it's all BSD.

5 Jan 2007, 10:28 AM
Ok, perhaps I'm blind, but nowhere on the homepage do I see any reference to the license. I've searched the site for the word "license" and have seen Jack state that it is a BSD license, but I haven't found the actual license, nor any 'formal' page where the license type is listed. Even in some of the source files, there is no license mentioned, just a copyright notice; I haven't looked through all of them though. The readme, the first place I looked, has no mention of a license.

This question has been posted around 5 times, so perhaps an answer could go either 1) in the sticky FAQ, 2) the wiki, or 3) a link off the homepage or download window. I'd be happy to add it, assuming I have an answer =)

Would someone please point me to a specific link that shows that yui-ext uses BSD, as well as a link to a copy of the license?