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2 Jan 2007, 1:33 AM

In my application, I have layout components from YUI ext, and for example, a combobox managed by a PHP framework (QCodo).

Thus, There is two event management (QCodo an YUI ext), and it seems to be the source of my problem. When I select an item in my combobox (handled by QCodo in PHP), the item is null in my PHP function. The QCodo program works fine without YUI ext, but the twice does'nt.

the source code is at http://www.qcodo.com/forums/topic.php/1341/1

any help?

2 Jan 2007, 6:01 AM
This isn't a bug in yui-ext but I don't mind helping you track down the problem.

Can you put up a link so I can open it in a debugger?

3 Jan 2007, 3:08 AM
yes thanks, here is 2 URL.

QCodo & YUI EXT:
we choose a value, and then [selected=] appear. Value selected is null.

With QCodo only, if I comment YAHOO.ext.EventManager.onDocumentReady:

we choose a value, and then [selected=1] or 2, 3 appear. Value selected is not null.


3 Jan 2007, 3:22 AM
This should be in a FAQ.

The Region elements are pulled from there existing location in the DOM (inside the form), and inserted into the layout dynamically.

Try using the form as the layout container instead of document.body.

3 Jan 2007, 8:45 AM

I replace document.body by 'MainForm' wich is the id of the FORM, but it's worst, there's only a blue line displayed, nothing else.



4 Jan 2007, 12:32 AM
Thanks Animal, it works now!!

there was only a blue line because I had not set the height.
by adding body{height:100%; width:100%;}, all is OK.

I'm really grateful for your help!