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18 Aug 2011, 6:31 PM
1. How do we select select all the <ul> elements within all the <div> elements using Extjs

2. Identify the Ext js classes being used by the below screen


3. We have an extjs grid which is bind to a employee list data. Each row in the grid displays an emplyee. We have to make the row to be displayed in a blue background if he is of a manager role. How do we acheive this?

4. How do we make a post to a handler UpdateManager.ashx with the input parameters manager_id and employee_id using the extjs library?

5. We have a checkable tree implemented using Ext.tree.TreePanel. We need to implement the node behaviour of the tree in such a way that if a parent node is clicked , then the repective child nodes of the parent nodes are also checked. Write the code to achieve the same

6. How do we check whether a Ext.tree.treenode is checked or not?

7. When a node on the Ext.tree.TreePanel is expanded and if the node id is '0' then we need to cancel the expand event. Write the code to achieve the same?

8. How do we reload an extjs grid programatically

9. Write a function in javascript that checks for an object and if the object does not exist then call itself after 1 second?

10. How do we access the dom element being represented by an extjs class?

11. How do we extend an existing Extjs class?

12. Write the code to render an extjs panel as shown below. The code should also have the configuration for the panel

13. We need an extjs text box which allows only positive numbers and if the user tries to enter otherwise needs to be informed "Only positive non zero numbers are allowed for concentration value". Write the code for the same?

14. We need to call a function check_input() whenever a letetr is inoput in a extjs textbox. How do we achieve this?

15. When a button on an extjs layout is clicked we need to blur the complete layout and display a message 'loading...' until we are ready with the data to process the next step. Write the code to blur the layout and show the message in extjs.

18 Aug 2011, 8:21 PM
Given the diversity and phrasing of those questions, I can't help but wondering if they've been lifted straight from a job interview or some other kind of examination. I find it very hard to believe that a developer working on a real application would run into such a textbook set of issues all at once.

19 Aug 2011, 1:28 AM
My thoughts exactly