View Full Version : Arrow Select form missing

19 Aug 2011, 1:52 AM
Hello everyone,

I don't really know if it's a bug or if my imports are wrong but i can't display correctly the arrow of my select form as you can see here : http://hpics.li/7c039e3.

If i use the sencha-touch.css file, everything is ok but if i try to use the includes inside my scss file it doesn't display correctly.

Here is my .scss file import :

@import '../themes/stylesheets/sencha-touch/default/all';

@include sencha-panel;
@include sencha-buttons;
@include sencha-sheet;
@include sencha-picker;
@include sencha-tabs;
@include sencha-toolbar;
@include sencha-toolbar-forms;
@include sencha-carousel;
@include sencha-indexbar;
@include sencha-list;
@include sencha-list-paging;
@include sencha-list-pullrefresh;
@include sencha-layout;
@include sencha-form;
@include sencha-msgbox;
@include sencha-loading-spinner;

Is there an import missing to display this arrow ?

Thank you and sorry for my bad english