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21 Aug 2011, 11:11 PM

is there a way to put a panel in a cell grid ?

I found several ways to show/edit several kinds of data (strings, dates, boolean) but I need to show more complex data (objects with text, numeric and date information) in a same cell. I want to show a group of prices (buying price, minimum celling price, commition price, etc...), according to a given type of product (in column) and a given category of product (in line).

For now, I use a panel with a table layout, and I put the prices panels into the table layout. But it is not conveinient because I can only render correctly the column header OR the line header, depending on how I put the panels. (for now, all the vertical headers are on the top of the first column, where the data column are much more bigger than only the text of the headers).

I also need to collapse some lines and columns, and with the present solution, I can only collapse lines OR columns.

Any advice is welcome :-)

22 Aug 2011, 4:28 AM
That seems like a really weird thing to do.

What happens if the grid-view redraws itself and the panel's dom-elements are wiped? Seems like you'd have a memory leak.

Perhaps you should try an express your needs in a screenshot.

22 Aug 2011, 7:50 PM
A panel is overkill for rendering complex data in a grid cell. You should be able to just use a renderer.

If you're using the Editing plugin for editing the value you could just write your own compound field. That could be whatever you want, including a panel, though I doubt a panel would be a sensible way to go.