View Full Version : Panel randomly not destroying in Card layout

23 Aug 2011, 4:25 AM
In the app that I am developing i have some card layouts, I am destroyng the old card using the following method:

'cardswitch':function(component, newCard, oldCard) {
if (oldCard) {

This works well most of the times, but sometimes, it seems that some panels are not destroyed correctly as I can still see them in the DOM after the new card is set to active. I would love to submit a test case but It seems to happen at random times. Does anyonw have any pointers on what should be causing this...Somtimes i access html elements directly using document.getElementById and I add event listeners directly to those elements, can this be the cause? Also if the Panel is referenced in say a variable or by other component does this interfeere with the destroy?

Any Help would be awesome.

Thanks Guys

Excellent Framework by the way (when are new releases planned for?)