View Full Version : [FIXED] layout not update after orientation change - focus was on form field (keyboard shown)

23 Aug 2011, 5:23 AM
Sencha Touch version tested:


custom css (include details) (official sencha Touch kitchen sink example)
Platform tested against:

iOS 4.3.3 (8J2) on iPad

When a textfield has focus (the keyboard is shown) and the orientation of the devioce is changed, the layout isn't updated to fit the screen
Test Case:See the code behind the http://dev.sencha.com/deploy/touch/examples/kitchensink/ example that is accessible via "User Interface" => "Forms"

See this URL : (http://)http://dev.sencha.com/deploy/touch/examples/kitchensink/

Steps to reproduce the problem:

visit http://dev.sencha.com/deploy/touch/examples/kitchensink/
navigate to "User Interface" => "Forms"
Focus the first textfield
The keyboard appears
rotate the device
the form does not fit the entire screen
The result that was expected:

The Form fills the entire screen regardless of when the scrolling occurs
The result that occurs instead:

the form only covers a part of the screen, a rerendering seems to occur, but it seems to get wrong dimensions
Screenshot or Video:


Debugging already done:

Possible fix:

not provided

25 Aug 2011, 10:12 PM
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If you have a post in this status for longer than 2 business days, feel free to *bump* it and bring it to our attention.

26 Aug 2011, 3:20 PM
we have this bug filed as TOUCH-186 already, thank you for reporting and I will add a link to this post into the bug report

29 Aug 2011, 3:36 AM
Thanks for looking into this.

5 Oct 2011, 11:02 AM
What is the status of this bug fix? I notice that in my PhoneGap app I see the same problem, but when the keyboard hides *after* the orientation change, the rendering is off, to say the least. It seems the orientation callback isn't being made from the Sencha Side.

5 Oct 2011, 11:10 AM
this is fixed in Touch 2

5 Oct 2011, 11:12 AM
Any idea when we can get our hands on it (say, for paid support devs)?

5 Oct 2011, 2:13 PM
There won't be early access to Touch 2 for support customers, there will however be an open beta/preview release available soon, I'm not able to give dates :(

Hint: when I say soon, I mean very, very soon. Keep an eye on the blog!

5 Oct 2011, 2:16 PM
I'll take your word for it. I have high hopes for 2.0 as I've been running into some frustrating quirks with 1.x the last few days. You guys do good work, so I'm sure I'll be impressed & pleased. Thanks!