View Full Version : Regarding AjaxProxy

25 Aug 2011, 1:19 AM
Hi, I am just starting to develop with Sencha Touch, and.. I have a few questions regarding AjaxProxy that I have not been able to get a definite answer on, despite prowling the forums and google.

I am trying to build a test system that allows a user to post simple messages which must be recorded by the server (localhost currently). These messages would then be accessible to others.

I have managed to read a json file by setting the proxy to be Ajax and url pointed to the localhost json file. My data store is getting loaded properly by these GET requests sent out as shown in Chrome. But the problem is the POST requests are not being handled correctly. Is this even possible without a server side script?

I have also succeeded in pulling data from a webservice php that spits out data in json format into my data store but since processing a write would be alot more complicated, I thought I should first confirm that I cannot perform the write task with the Ajax proxy writing directly into the json file instead of doing it through a php webservice.

Thanks for lasting through the long post :P