View Full Version : ExtJS 4 - is it stable for production

28 Aug 2011, 12:59 PM
I have Spring 3.0 based ExtJS 3.3. app, with about 2000 classes. I'd like to know if anyone has allready migrated an application of such scale to ExtJS 4? Are there any serious problems? What is also with third party plugins and extensions?

30 Aug 2011, 4:27 AM
Though many extensions have been integrated into the framework with Ext 4, those that haven't will almost certainly not work any more. If you don't feel confident with having to rewrite those extensions yourself you should hold off upgrading. For a large project such as the one you describe I think I would wait for 4.1 before attempting the upgrade. You should also be prepared for the fact that upgrading is a lot of effort and may take you some time. If possible I would advise trying out ExtJS 4 in a smaller project to get a feel for it before attempting a big upgrade. Also be sure to read the guides explaining the new ways of doing things.

7 Oct 2011, 3:34 PM
Thank you for your answer. We started with migration a few days ago and I hoped, that it will go smooth. What a shock - it didn't. I found out, that a lot of code changed, a lot of plugins, extensions that we use do not work nor there is an alternative. ExtJS4 generates different html code so css styling from ExtJS3 is not compliant.
We almost completely rewritten desktop example to follow ExtJS4 - in examples there is ExtJS3 code desktop with sandbox included. For now there ar two major errors - the window opens allways in the left top corner and if you create a window, put tabs in items and in one tab you give collapsible grid with a paging, when you collapse the grid it just dissapears.
Hope everithing will get the stability of the ExtJS3, for now I'm seriously thinking about canceling the migration.