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29 Aug 2011, 3:46 AM

i am new on sencha touch and also new on extjs. so i walked trough the "getting startet" tutorials. it may be that i do not have all essential basics but i can not see a real difference between ext.setup and ext.application. one tutorial start with setup the next one with application. but none of the tutorials explains why...

if there is a essential difference, can anyone explain it?

thanks a lot,

29 Aug 2011, 11:42 AM
They're very similar, but you should be using Ext.Application - which does things like setting up global namespaces for your MVC-style application, auto-creates a viewport, etc. Just read the API docs on Ext.Application.

29 Aug 2011, 12:07 PM
They're very similar...

thanks a lot. that's what i need to know for now. was a bit confusing in the tutorials ;)

29 Aug 2011, 12:34 PM
It really depends if you want to use MVC or not... Ext.Application is for MVC whereas Ext.setup is more for simpler things... just a quick note.

30 Aug 2011, 11:59 PM
It really depends if you want to use MVC or not...

i will. i do! :) thanks. guess thread could be changes to "answered"...

14 Jan 2012, 9:55 AM
It seems unclear from the documentation how an element in an application that is coded via Ext.Setup can be removed, versus the simpler "this.remove()" when using Ext.Application. Can anyone confirm?