View Full Version : Where to put the Ext.setup for an own icon?

7 Sep 2011, 2:14 AM

I hope I'm right here, because everything seems to in spanish... Well I'm developing an app in my bachelor project and my problem is the setup. I developed an MVC app and I have these two js.-files:


name : 'App',
defaultUrl : 'Home/index',
launch : function() {
this.viewport = new App.views.Viewport();

and viewport.js:

App.views.Viewport = Ext.extend(Ext.Panel, {
fullscreen : true,
layout : 'card',
cardSwitchAnimation : 'slide'

the index.html and a lot of Controllers and Views. Where do I have to put the Ext.setup to change the icon on the homescreen of my smartphone? Can anybody please help me? It would really help me a lot. I guess somewhere in the app,js? But eveything I tried made the app didn't work anymore. Thanks for help.