View Full Version : best way to autocomplete in editor of choice.

7 Sep 2011, 2:55 AM
I saw Ed's textmate bundles, I've tried to use eclipse, tried dashcode.

I'm unsure of best editor for moving foward with Sencha but I need something that does some code completing for me like I can with other languages. Just takes too long otherwise.

What do you guys use to achieve.

I found that eclipse was spinning out of control trying to validate my extjs projects and basically I ditched that approach then went to textmate which is nice and lite. And maybe I don't know enough about using it but Ed's bundle seems to be pretty limited unless I'm missing something. That's not a knock on Ed btw. Thanks for even doing that brother.

Perhaps dashcode is the answer, haven't tried that yet.

Just looking for some feedback on how others do this. What do you guys use to get a code completing editor working? I'm used to using xcode which makes typing a minimal thing.