View Full Version : TabPanel lazily-rendered children on Android don't ever render in certain conditions

Angry Lawyer
8 Sep 2011, 4:55 AM
So, here's a bit of an odd one.

I have an Ext.TabPanel created on page load that is automatically populated with four children. As per standard behaviour, the actual DOM elements in the non-viewed tabs aren't created until you view that tab item. All fine so far.

Next, we start doing everything inside an Android WebView. Also fine.

Next, we start watching a video on the device. This is implemented through having Android have an additional view that it is swapped to once the HTML5 video tries to load, and when the custom view hides, it switches back to the WebView. All sensible, as far as I can tell.

However, if you go through the action of displaying the CustomView before ever having triggered the not-yet-loaded panels, they'll never load. Upon further looking, when the video starts playing, the Render listener on the tabs seems to be invoked randomly at the start of it.

Anybody have any idea? If not, is there a way of turning off the lazy loading of DOM elements? Or even forcing them to load? I've seen references to setting deferredLoad to false, but this doesn't appear anywhere in the API, and also doesn't appear to do anything.