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9 Sep 2011, 1:37 AM

When I try to use DatePicker like (minYear == maxYear):

var datePicker = {
xtype : 'fieldset',
items : [
xtype : 'datepickerfield',
name : 'date',
picker : {
yearFrom : minYear,
yearTo : maxYear

my application throw exception. The problem is in function in line 22941:

indexOf: function(node) {
node = this.getNode(node);
if (Ext.isNumber(node.viewIndex)) {
return node.viewIndex;
return this.all.indexOf(node);

when node is undefined

11 Sep 2011, 7:54 PM
Hi I don't occur this error . It excute normal.
See exception maybe you define incorrect date format( mixYear, maxYear)

12 Sep 2011, 1:16 AM
minYear an maxYear are equal to 1900. Exceptions are throwing during vertical scrolling.

I found a second bug. When I set empty array to store and grouped to true like this example http://dev.sencha.com/deploy/touch/docs/ and I try to scroll, than aplication throws exceptions.

// Tested at safari.

13 Sep 2011, 12:17 AM
I tested On safari and chrome : don't occur error as your description.( See attach file)
What version's Sencha touch you use?
Second bug???
How to you can set empty array to store and grouped to true ?
Date picker doesn't have property array and grouped.
You can post code?