View Full Version : Datefield format difference (dev/live)

13 Sep 2011, 1:10 AM
Hi there,

We've recently discovered an oddity with our datefield control and wondered if anyone can shed any light on it.

Basically, we have an out of the box datefield control (as far as I can see), but if I type in '01/05/11' manually (assuming UK formatting dd/mm/yyyy) on our live server, the control reformats this to '05/01/2011' (I'm presuming it's using US formatting mm/dd/yyyy).
If I type in '01/05/2011' the reformatting doesn't occur and things are fine.

What's odd, is that if I try to replicate in our development environment, I don't see the issue at all.
'01/05/11' is reformatted to '01/05/2011' which is what I'd expect.

I've done all the obvious things like checking the forms for any explicit formatting and checking both my dev server and live server for regional differences but everything is setup the same (all using UK settings).
I see this issue with side by side browser instances on the same client, so I'm assuming it's also not related to client region settings or anytyhing along those lines.

Has anyone seen anything along these lines? or have any ideas on where to look next?

Many thanks,