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13 Sep 2011, 1:44 AM
Hi all ,

I have gone through enough info and analysis on sencha . As we know sencha touch doesnt work with Mozilla browser(Gecko) & it is clear that sencha works only with webkit then my doubt comes ,when the support of HTML5 AND CSS3 is implemented in Mozilla (as webkit has implementaion for html5 and css3) then why dooesnt sencha app doesnt work in Mozilla Browser ????

If we assume that sencha touch uses Webkit APIS so it supports chrome, safari .. then How exactly we can tell where the Webkit is actually used by sencha touch framework .. as it also has html5,css3 features implementation in Mozilla still it not supported ? reason ????

And Does any where sencha tells us exact version for Webkit to be used where it has got implementation for HTML5/CSS3 ..

If have any queries please concern and let help to clarify my doubt ...

Thanks in Advance ...

13 Sep 2011, 11:08 AM
Sencha Touch 2 will support more platforms. Yes, currently it supports iOS, Android and BB6 but it's only a benefit that Chrome and Safari work (because of the WebKit core). Sencha Touch wasn't designed for desktop usage, our primary goal is cross platform on mobile devices.

It's a tradeoff between what you support and framework size. More platforms means larger framework size.