View Full Version : Blank page when Javascript is off

3 Jan 2007, 3:45 AM
I've put an example Jack's Cross-browser Web 2.0 Layouts into practise in the redesign of a sales tool app, as you can see at the test page at http://harvester.intulogica.com/Test.asp.

However, as others have posted, when the layout page viewed with Javascript turned off, all the users sees is a blank page.

I understand that one of Jack's criteria was that "unobtrusive purists can support users who have JavaScript turned off by providing an alternate stylesheet.".

I am wondering what sort of styles to put in to make the page appear somewhat validly when javascript is turned off. Does anyone have any sort of example of a gracefully degrading application that uses this sort of alternate CSS?


3 Jan 2007, 7:28 AM
Your layout consists of just a bunch of divs. You can uses normal CSS to lay it out of JavaScript is off.