View Full Version : Not able to compress CSS. Get syntax error messages.

13 Sep 2011, 11:52 AM
I'm trying to minify/compress my CSS in JSBuilder 3. If I add the compress flag, however, I get a lot of error messages as follows:

[ERROR] 7:2:syntax error
[ERROR] 8:10:syntax error
[ERROR] 9:1:syntax error
[ERROR] 11:20:missing ; before statement
[ERROR] 12:10:syntax error
[ERROR] 13:1:syntax error
[ERROR] 14:23:syntax error
[ERROR] 15:7:syntax error
[ERROR] 16:10:missing ; before statement
[ERROR] 17:1:syntax error
[ERROR] 20:17:missing ; before statement
[ERROR] 21:8:syntax error
[ERROR] 22:1:syntax error
[ERROR] 25:16:missing ; before statement
[ERROR] 26:8:syntax error
[ERROR] 27:1:syntax error

I am able to compress using an online compressor tool on someone's web site that uses YUICompressor.

Is this supposed to be supported?