View Full Version : Application useLoadMask issue

14 Sep 2011, 5:11 AM
Hi Dev Team,
i am a experienced Ext JS developer currently playing with Sencha touch 1.1.0.

I think the Application class has the same issues reported for Ext 4.

I want to use my custom <div id="">...</div> as the loader mask.

The application now does:

var useLoadMask = this.useLoadMask,
defaultId = 'loading-mask',
loadMaskId = typeof useLoadMask == 'string' ? useLoadMask : defaultId;

if (useLoadMask) {
if (loadMaskId == defaultId) { // (1)
Ext.getBody().createChild({id: defaultId});

var loadingMask = Ext.get('loading-mask'), //(2)

(1) with (2) using always a different id as defaultId would work,
but why not to test existing with loadMaskId and on fault create new one?

(2) i think, someone forgot to use the local var
var loadingMask = Ext.get( loadMaskId),

without change on (2) i think there is no change to get existing loader div running ;-)