View Full Version : App not scrolling full screen on iPod

14 Sep 2011, 8:10 AM
Hi there,
I'm not to sure what to call this post. I have an app that runs perfectly well on an iPad. However since starting to test the app on an iPod I've noticed some issues. I'm not necessarily looking for a fix-it answer, but any comments or suggestions will be appreciated.

Basically, the app/library/device is getting confused between when to draw panels in a carousel in landscape or portrait mode. I'm sure it's something really simple I'm missing...If I start the app in portrait, everything works fine until I want to scroll the panel (vertically) on the carousel. It only allows me to scroll after I've done an orientation change. All I have to do is move it to be re-drawn in landscape and then it will work for both landscape and portrait.

If I start the app in portrait and change to landscape and then move to the carousel with the panels. The panels are drown based on the size of the orientation the app started in. This is the case whether I start up in landscape or portrait.

I'm not performing anything based on orientation change except adding and removing docked items. But I've tried calling doComponentLayout() with no effect. Checking for orientation change event also doesn't help cause this only happens on startup. After the orientation changed for a view/screen, everything seems to work just fine.

If you need any code snippets to help I'll be happy to post, but for now I'm not sure what will actually be of any help.