View Full Version : Xml and Nested List & nested list won't show

15 Sep 2011, 2:31 AM
Hi everyone, I'm developing an MVC application application with 4 panels, switched by a panel set as viewport (with card layout, slide animation).

The first problem is that when I try to put a Nested List into one of the views it doesn't show. And in the transitions between the cards I see the Nested List for a second, during the slide animation.
I'm sure the code is ok, because if I've tested it in another App and just adapted and reused it. Also if I set as active item the nested list instead of the panel it works fine.

The second question is:
I'm using a txt file with json data for the list data, but I would like to use an xml file instead. Is it possible?

Can someone tell me where I can find information on Nested List and how to use it? The Nested List API doesn't explain much.