View Full Version : Adding css to a Carousel item(s)

15 Sep 2011, 1:49 PM
I have the following code and a class/id (imageContainer) within my custom.css page.

items: [{
html: ['<div> fhdjfhdfhdksf','</div>'],
}, ....

I tried adding the class direct to my div as <div id="imageContainer"> or <div class="imageContainer"> but it would not pick up the name from my custom style sheet.

I even tried

items: [{
html: ['<div> fhdjfhdfhdksf','</div>'],
}, ..

but nothing. How do I go about adding css stying to my html section?
I have seen 'styleHtmlCls' and 'styleHtmlContent' but they are lacking on how to implement etc in the docs, the only way at present I can do it is to do them inline within the '<div>'

my css is simple for now for this id:

#imageContainer{width: 280px;height:180px;background: #09F;}

Many thanks