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16 Sep 2011, 8:05 AM

URL: http://milansar.com/app/

There are some goodies in there including an EventRecorder experiment :) It's still a bit buggy but the concept should come across.

Below are some example queries in case you are short on imagination:

how long is the chinese wall?
how long was bill clinton president?
flight from boston to san francisco on november 5
how tall is the eiffel tower?
review canon powershot sx30
recipe lasagna
image of george bush
who is president in mongolia?
news financial crisis in europe
capital finland
italian restaurant in cambridge
population berlin
hotels in cambridge MA on sunday
price comparison for ipad 2

Just go to http://milansar.com/app/resetUser.php in your browser to reset the user cookie in case you want to see the welcome screen and EventRecorder after your first visit.

Oh, it's best on an iPhone. It still works webkit (safari/chrome) but the EventRecorder is broken.

Let me know what you think!


EDIT: Broken in Safari, still working in Chrome (and iOS)