View Full Version : problem using iframe and sencha touch

16 Sep 2011, 6:52 PM
good morning everyone, sorry for my poor english

i need to create a web site function for tablet program in ipad. my application concept is to create 1 page which is parent with the iframe and bottom docketitem(inside panel). Child will be the function that display when click on the parent docketitem button ( code using sencha touch). i am facing 3 issue in this concept.

1. page layout will be running out after display the keyboard in ipad. my entire screen will move up when the keyboard is show but it won't go down when the keyboard is hide. even i try to use sencha touch example to display in iframe it still running out.
2. pop up panel unable to display in ipad and simulator but can display in ipad2.(i am not sure what is happening?)
3. ipad cant manage to control the iframe size which means that it will just display the entire content/child without control on height and width. i have solve this with reduce the size of my content/child page, it look good but it having the same problem on issue 1 when i running the html without using the iframe. but i see sencha touch example don't have this kind of problem. is it because of i am reduce my content/ child size? or because of i am miss understanding on the sencha touch form coding side?

if i don't wan to use iframe is there anyway for me to display such as that? any suggestion?

hope u all can help me in this 3 issue~ thank you