View Full Version : [2.0a1][CLOSED] FormPanel tabpanel data mapping from load

9 Oct 2007, 5:51 PM
Environment: ext-base.js, widows 2000, FF2 / IE7

Problem: I have a "my_form" as a formpanel with a xtype:'tabpanel' with multiple tabs.

Later I call my_panel.form.load(); and all the data fields are passed back and set but the problem/bug is the auto mapping for the tabpanel only works with what every activeTab is set.

i.e. If I have activeTab: 0, then all the json data sent back shows up in tab 0 but tab 1+ does not get mapped. If I change the initial activeTab:1 then I get tab 1's data and not tab 0 and so on.

I am doing something similar to your form 3 demo with phone numbers etc. and need all data mapped even to the other tabs that are not the active one.

Is this a known bug or a way to map all tabs that I missed?


9 Oct 2007, 8:12 PM
For forms in TabPanels, you have to set deferredRender:false on the TabPanel. This will make the fields available immedately for loadng/posting etc instead of only when the tab is activated.