View Full Version : Best Practice Managing Panel Configurations

3 Jan 2007, 9:29 AM
I implement an application in which dependent on the current object selected certain Panels should be shown in the main BorderLayout. When the user changes the current select the configuration should change. I wonder what is the best practice to manage these sets of panel configurations?

Do I best keep the LayoutRegions as they are and hide unHide Panels in them?
I miss something like hideAll Panels in the Layout regions then. So I can hide all current Panels and only unhide those for the current selection.

Or Better use the Region as a set of panels ? And then hide/unhide the region with all its panels. I did not find a proper way to manage those regions within a Layout. e.g can I have more than those north,south,east,west regions and hide/unhide them dependent on the selection?